A Rainforest Reverie



Ambong-Ambong’s story is one that began with love, and its name inspired by the local Merambong plant.

In the early 1970s, Joan and Ahmad discovered this pristine island, untouched and unknown to many, fostering a love that transcended time. The family’s bonds with Langkawi grew, creating a desire to preserve its natural beauty.

Committed conservationists, Ahmad and Joan embarked on a journey to build a resort with minimal impact to the environment. Ambong-Ambong Rainforest Retreat, took root in 2010 amid scepticism and challenges. Despite setbacks, the positive response from guests fueled the family’s determination, leading to the completion of the second phase a year later. Recognising Langkawi’s readiness for high-end private pool villas, their son, Amran returned in 2016 to launch Ambong Pool Villas, a luxurious, all-villa resort with a strong commitment to sustainability.

The journey continues, with Ambong-Ambong defining a new standard for boutique resorts and holistic wellness experiences in Langkawi.


Our Culture

We practise integrity in all that we do – cultivating kindness and respect, treating not just human beings but all living things, including the land which we live on with care.

We encourage our people to find their passion and purpose, ultimately giving back to the community and Mother Earth. In upholding the values above, we hope to provide our partners and guests with an enlightened perspective on nature, the environment and sustainable living as well as community engagement, encouraging positive long-term outlook and life-long learning.


Our Vision

Ambong-Ambong envisions crafting unique and meaningful experiences for our guests through:


Embodying environmental stewardship by minimising our impact on the environment, ensuring that every aspect of our operations supports and sustains the delicate balance of the ecosystems we inhabit.


Advocating for holistic wellness, we champion sustainable and organic food choices and embrace a circular economy, all aimed at nurturing the health of our community and planet with thoughtful resourcefulness.


A dedication to cultivating our communities driven by passion and purpose, inspiring each individual to engage in nurturing and restoring the environment, thereby making a meaningful contribution to society.


Our Focus


In our commitment to sustainability, the construction of our resorts prioritised environmental conservation. Few trees were felled, and minimal earthworks were executed to respect the natural terrain of our site. Our eco-conscious designs incorporate recycled hardwoods and sustainably grown rubberwood, ensuring a low environmental impact. The villas were meticulously planned to coexist with nature, preserving native species like Bongor (Largerstromia Langkawiensis) and Lancong Perlis (Berrya cordifolia) around the properties.

Biophilic Design

Immersed in the science of hospitality, Ambong-Ambong's villa design is a testament to meticulous thought. Balancing luxury, exclusivity, and privacy, the villas seamlessly fuse timeless forest grandeur with traditional architectural elements — open, airy rooms, abundant timber, and shady verandas. This deliberate design mirrors the principles of biophilic design, connecting occupants with nature, fostering a healthy and sustainable environment.

People & Community

We prioritise hiring locals from Langkawi, investing in their growth both within and beyond our resort. Regular training sessions cover career development, personal interests, and an in-depth understanding of our sustainability practices. Through Ambong-Ambong, we empower our team to support local fishermen, craftsmen, and producers, promoting their work and bolstering their livelihoods. It's our way of building a stronger, more connected community.


Conservation Efforts

Ambong-Ambong’s rainforest sanctuary teems with captivating wildlife like playful Macaques and Dusky Leaf monkeys. Above, Oriental Pied and Great Hornbills add beauty to the sky, as White-bellied Sea Eagles and Brahminy Kites fly with grace. The forest floor hosts a diverse lizard family, adding intrigue to the ecosystem.

In line with our commitment to protecting the hornbills, our man-made nesting boxes provide safe havens for these majestic birds, contributing to Langkawi’s rich biodiversity. Immerse yourself in the enchanting rainforest retreat, where nature’s wonders unfold in every rustle of leaves and melodic birdsong.


Brand Founder

Joan and Ahmad Chik, the founders of Ambong-Ambong, have an enduring and deeply rooted connection to Langkawi, an island they first discovered in the unspoiled beauty of the 1970s. Captivated by the island’s natural charm and the warmth of its community, they visited regularly, first together, and later with their 2 sons, creating memories of sun kissed days on the beach, and trips out to sea exploring the many islands.

Many years later, the family decided to build a family home on the island, as committed environmentalists, Joan and Ahmad stood firm against conventional development, guided by their long-standing conservationist ethos, they envisioned a form of progress that would harmonise with the land rather than dominate it. Ahmad, an engineer by profession, designed and built 2 cottages on a piece of land he acquired in the 80’s, on a hill overlooking the sea, firstly as a family retreat, and eventually evolving into the 11 units now known as Ambong Rainforest Retreat.

When it was time to name the retreat, it was Joan, a housewife and former marketing professional, who conceived of the name. Ambong-Ambong is derived from the plant known in Malay as Pokok Merambong, the plant holds special relevance to the brand as the roots of the plant that grows on beaches, holds the beach together, preventing erosion into the sea, symbolising Ambong-Ambong’s commitment to protection of the environment, whilst the flower, used in many cultures for medicinal purposes, represents Ambong-Ambong’s commitment towards holistic wellness and health.

Joan and Ahmad embarked on a long and ardous journey to bring Ambong-Ambong to life. Despite many obstacles and financial strains, they pushed through, unveiling a sanctuary that stood as a testament to their commitment to environmental guardianship. Their story is a personal one, with a rich tapestry of love for a place, a dedication to conservation, and a desire to share a sustainable vision with the world through Ambong-Ambong.



A house of elegance, one of Asia’s most iconic boutique hotel & hospitality brands,
striving in:


Our Restaurants

Rimba Restaurant

Rimba Restaurant’s prime location at Ambong Pool Villas offers a tranquil escape from Langkawi’s tourist hotspots. The restaurant’s culinary philosophy draws inspiration from generations-old recipes, thoughtfully adapted for the modern palate using the freshest local ingredients. The menu showcases a delightful fusion of Malay and Thai influences. 

Rimba Sky

Rimba Sky offers a captivating venue for a sunset dinner, where you can savour fresh cuisine, friendly service, and a truly magical ambiance from its rooftop oasis. It’s the perfect spot to enjoy crafted cocktails, mocktails, and champagne sundowners.

The cocktails perfectly complement a delightful selection from the evolving Chef’s Special menu, which includes rotating signature dishes for diners to enjoy. The restaurant is flexible in customising table settings to accommodate various preferences, making it an appealing choice for celebrating special occasions.


Pegaga Vegan Experience serves as a beacon of culinary innovation and sustainable practices, capturing the hearts of plant-based enthusiasts by nourishing both body and soul. Pegaga is committed to achieving sustainability and actively embraces eco-friendly practices, minimising waste and using biodegradable products.

The menu features a vibrant array of vegan dishes, including classics like the Good Earth Burger and local favourites such as Nasi Goreng Pegaga. The open-air dining area also provides a breathtaking view of Langkawi while you dine.


Our Experiences (Amaala Spa & Wellness)


The sanctuary that provides ancient healing techniques meets modern spa practices to create a truly rejuvenating experience. They have a variety of massages, including Indian cultural treatments infused with Ayurvedic principles, revitalising Bornean therapies, and customised facial and body treatments. Each treatment is thoughtfully designed to promote relaxation, rejuvenation, and overall well-being. The spa’s expert therapists employ natural ingredients and gentle techniques to soothe your senses and restore balance to your mind, body, and soul.

Yoga Meditation

Explore the profound impact of holistic practices at Ambong Rainforest Retreat and experience feeling refreshed, revitalised, and ready to embrace life with renewed energy. You can enjoy a variety of classes at their yoga pavilion deck. These practices offer a unique way to exercise both guests’ body and mind, helping to relieve stress, feeling rejuvenated and energised.


Tourist Attraction

Buluh & Tebing Organic Farm Experience

At Ambong-Ambong’s very own organic farm, guests have the opportunity to explore and learn about sustainable and organic farming methods, including harvesting fresh produce and farm-to-table cooking.

Cooking Classes

Private cooking session on preparing authentic Northern Malaysian cuisine.

Langkawi's UNESCO Geopark

Discover Langkawi's UNESCO Geopark by going on a Sea Safari cruise, hiking up the Machinchang Cambrian mountain range, or kayaking through the mangroves of the Kilim Geoforest Park.

Blissful Retreats

Our exclusive offerings feature private villa retreats complete with personalised service, relaxing spa & wellness experiences by Amaala Spa, and opulent romantic dinners beneath the stars at Rimba Sky.