Building hospitality brands
with stories to tell

We build balanced & purpose-driven boutique hotels and hospitality brands in Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

Our commitment to providing exceptional stays for guests, combined with our dedication to making and leaving a lasting impact, is what makes us unique. From helping hornbills repopulate Langkawi’s coastal areas to catalysing heritage and conservation alongside local practitioners and craftsmen in George Town, The Conscious Collection is a pioneering hospitality company founded by multidisciplinary experts redefining the industry.

What we do

The Conscious Collection pursues, curates and revamps potential sites for greenfield and brownfield development - from pristine, untouched landscape to heritage sites ripe for rejuvenation.
The vision is only the start. We immerse ourselves in every detail of designing, constructing, and operating boutique hotels that become iconic landmarks within the cities and towns they inhabit. Our approach consciously integrates both contemporary and traditional methods and sustainable practices into each hotel.
The Conscious Collection understands the vital role our hotels and resorts play in the communities they become a part of. At every one of our locations, we strive to leave a positive impact on not only our guests but also the local community.
A prime example of this is what we have done for Penang with the “Cheong Fatt Tze- The Blue Mansion” brand.
The Conscious Collection builds brands and assets that endure shifts in trends.
We have a strong commitment to the finer details of the guest experience, investment in best-in-class wellness and dining experiences, and investment in technology that truly adds value to changing guest expectations. At any hotel managed by The Conscious Collection, our people are also heavily invested in our approach, and aligned with our goals, despite differences in cultures and backgrounds.
When guests step foot into a hotel by the Conscious Collection, they leave feeling fulfilled and with memories that stay with them for a lifetime. The experiences we craft lead guests on an immersive journey that nurtures the body elevates the mind and touches the soul.
In the cities that we are a part of, we create events and activities that are beyond novelty but are discovery & learning opportunities, such as authentic culinary experiences and world-class performing arts events specially curated for our guests.
We're more than just hoteliers; we're advocates for conscious travel and mindful living. Every person who visits our establishments becomes a part of our story. Through our brands in Langkawi and Penang, the Conscious Collection practices regenerative hospitality, fostering a positive impact on ecological and cultural norms that extend far beyond our guests' stays.. .

Brands we manage

One thing ties us together. Our commitment
& expertise in building hospitality products
that go beyond mere accommodation.

Cheong Fatt Tze - The Blue Mansion


“The Rockafeller of the East’s” legacy restored and a brand etched into history with more than just a story to tell.

The mansion was in disrepair after the passing of Cheong Fatt Tze. It was acquired and restored with minimal modern intervention and using only traditional methods, preserving the value of this key heritage asset. In 2000, Cheong Fatt Tze’s Blue Mansion was awarded the ‘Most Excellent Project‘ at the UNESCO Heritage & Conservation Awards, acting as a catalyst in propelling George Town to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008.

Today, Cheong Fatt Tze – The Blue Mansion is now an award-winning boutique heritage hotel with;
  • 18 rooms in The Blue Mansion (with an additional 13 in development)
  • 3 Private Residences under a growing Townhouse Collection

Housing unique culinary experiences at its Indigo restaurant and Cafe Mangga, the place also acts as a cultural hub which has graced the silver-screen, and acted as host to many world class performances, made possible by our guest & local communities.



A legacy rooted in resilience, life and value, creating a real difference in the hospitality scene.

A family-forged resort, set on a hillside within a tropical enclave spread over 9.5 acres of land, overlooking the turquoise Andaman Sea.

Offering two distinct dining experiences, Pegaga, a vegan cafe, and Rimba Restaurant both top dining destinations in Langkawi, serving farm to table goods obtained from our 11 acre farm. Amaala, a spa & wellness centre offering yoga and wellness retreats are all part of the award winning, Top 25 Most Romantic Resorts in Asia, Ambong-Ambong experience.

Housing exclusively
  • 11 suites at Ambong Rainforest Retreat
  • 9-villas at the Ambong Pool Villas
Home to hundreds of resident primates, mammals, 30 species of birds and others, Ambong-Ambong’s commitment to nature conservation and regenerative approach has resulted in wildlife thriving alongside the gentle spirit our team carries.

Championing Change, Crafting Experiences

Journey towards giving back to
the community and planet

CSR Initiatives

Our efforts focus on the well-being of local stakeholders & the natural environment, going beyond just reducing the negative impact of business activities.

Events & Retreats

Visit UNESCO sites, learn how to make an authentic Malaysian meal or embark on our unique guided tours. Every guest is invited to embark on a journey of conscious exploration, leaving a positive impact in your wake.